Saturday, June 2, 2012

Candles By Victoria - May 2012 Haul/Review

I wasn't going to place a CBV order in May, but I started running low on some of my favorites. I also just recently got 2 wall plug in warmers (similar to scentsy warmers, but I got them A LOT cheaper on ebay) and wanted to get some Scoop Some Scent for them for the new house in the main bathroom and the laundry room/other bathroom. Finally, Victoria used to sell Kettle candles on her site in various different colors/designs. They were recently taken off of the site, and I was devestated. I really wanted a green kettle candle in Caramelized Pralines for my new kitchen. After asking on the message board, Victoria so GRACIOUSLY had Candleman search in their warehouse to see if they had any extra kettle candles lying around. Lo and behold, they did! So, of course, I had to order one. :)

This is mostly going to be a haul/review of pictures as opposed to review of scents since I've reviewed most of these scents a million times before since they're a lot of my favorites.

Scent Shots

From left to right:
  • Vanilla Maple Pecan - Jandre stated this one smells like waffle cones, and I agree. It's strong on the maple and pecan, which mixed together creates this yummy sweet, yet a little spicy bakery goodness.
  • Bamboo & White Grapefruit - This one's STRONG! It was my free scent shot, and not something I would typically go for, but it's nice. It's very strong on the grapefruit and I get some orange, too. The citrus fruits mixed with the bamboo tone them down a little, but add a bit of an earthy type note.
  • Blueberry Monkey Bread - Cinnamon, raisin, blueberry, bready goodness. It reminds me a lot of bear claws + blueberry. Yum!
  • Fizzy Pop - Ginger Ale/Sprite, nothing more to say. One of my husband's favorites!
  • Lavendar & Basil - Wow is this one nice! I did not like Victoria's straight lavender scent, but something about mixing this with the basil makes it sooooo good. It smells like a sweet, clean, crisp lavendar beautiful soap. I will definitely be getting this in a candle for my bathroom.
8 oz Candles

  • Peanut Butter Cookies - Name says it all!
  • Spellbound -  Such a beautiful sweet, yummy scent! Caramel apple, cotton candy, very sweet yumminess!
Votive Candles (set of three)

  • Citronella - Got these to put in my outdoor votive holders to keep away the bugs. I still have some of an 8oz Citronella candle from last summer, and they really do work!
Scoop Some Scent

From left to right, top row to bottom row
  • Shamrock Kiss - Smells like the old school herbal essences shampoo
  • Love Shack - Love Spell and Pink Sugar. This one is my go to bedroom scent - it's such a sweet, fruity, slightly musky, sensual scent. I got it for my beautiful purple tart warmer in the bedroom.
  • White Nectarine & Pink Coral - Smells like the orange bottle of herbal essences shampoo (no more frizz kind). Delicious!!
  • Nutty Candied Apple - My number one favorite CBV scent! It's such a fresh, crisp apple with that yummy nutty note to it. I LOVE THIS SCENT MORE THAN WORDS CAN DESCRIBE!!
Kettle Candle (green)

Caramelized Pralines - The camera flash made this look like a lighter green than it really is. But it's beautiful and I cannot wait to put this is my new kitchen. As far as Caramelized Pralines goes, it's sooo good! Sweet, caramel goodness with the nutty note of pralines.

Here's a picture comparing the opening of a 22oz tureen and this kettle candle.