Thursday, July 19, 2012

CBV July 2012 Review, of course!

Well, I couldn't resist placing another order. I literally just got it about an hour ago - first CBV order at the new house, woo hoo. At our old place the UPS guy usually didn't come until around 3, the UPS guy at the new house came at 10:30! :)

Onto the review -

Scoop Some Scent - Lavender & Basil - I've had this scent before in a scent shot and had to get it in SSS for my low wattage plug-in warmers for my bathrooms. I'm not usually a lavender fan, but the basil really tones it down and makes it a nice, fresh, clean, soapy-type scent. If you like clean scents and haven't tried this one yet, you have to!

Bundt Cake Melts - Nutty Candied Apple - If you know me you know I can't live without my Nutty Candied Apple. I figured I'd get some NCA in these tarts to warm in the summer months while my AC and fans are blasting.

Cookie Melts - Vanilla Maple Pecan - I tried Vanilla Maple Pecan in scent shot form when Jandre stated it smelled like waffle cones, and I agree. I love Granny's Pie Crust, and this scent is very similar to GPC with a kick. It's sweet, creamy, a teeny hint of spicey yummy goodness.

Scent Shots (top to bottom; left to right) :) -

Spellbound - Again, had to stock up to hold me over for the summer. Sweet, apple, candy deliciousness!

Cottage Garden - On cold throw it's a very strong floral (which is fine because CBV got me into liking florals). Strong on the jasmine and rose scent. The scent description says it has fruit such as pineapple, peach, and melon. It'll be interesting to see if the fruit notes come out when it's melted.

St. Lucia - Have had before and really like. Very, very sweet melon scent.

A Hunk, A Hunk Of Burning Nuts (CAS by Aerika) - All I get when I smell this is Elvis (may not help that Elvis is currently burning on my stove top a few feet away from me). I cannot wait to melt this and the Caramelized Pralines to come out. Two of my favorite scents mixed together can't be wrong. Yum!!

Fresh Picked Strawberry - On cold throw it smells like a candied strawberry. I can't wait to let this one cure a little and melt it, I know it'll be true to the name.

Cantaloupe - YUMMY!! If you like fruity scents, you must must must try cantaloupe. It smells like a super sweet fresh juicy cantaloupe. This might be the first one I melt for when my husband comes home and sees I got more CBV. When I melt things he likes he is more understanding, and I know he'll love this one. I don't know how anyone couldn't!

Champagne Pomegranate (free scent shot) - I have never tried Champagne Poemgranate, and I don't know why. I love Fizzy Pop. This is a great blend of Fizzy Pop and Pomegranate.

Sugar Kisses (CAS by Keyonna) - I love this one too. Alone, I did not like Victoria's Cotton Candy and wasn't a super big fan of Raspberry Guava, but mixed together it makes a perfect yummy sweet concoction! If you like scents like Pink Sugar, Tiffany-D, etc, you will really like this one!