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May 2013 CBV Review

Well, I just finished my second year of teaching and realized that I haven't posted ANYTHING since August 2012... I guess that tells you how crazy (but good) this year of teaching was. But, now it's summer, and I just placed my first in a good while CBV order for my birthday.

I wasn't going to place an order, but the day of my birthday (May 25) I checked my e-mail and saw that I received a $108 CBV gift card from my husband, and I could order ANY scents I wanted and part of the gift he was not allowed to complain about a scent. But, he lucked out because I ordered mostly summer/fruity scents that he ended up enjoying.

So, onto the review. :)

I only got two candles in this order (both in one of my all-time favorite scents, Granny's Pie Crust). I'm not going to spend a lot of time reviewing this scent because I have before, but if you know of someone who is NOT a bakery lover (maybe cinnamon/caramel really bothers them... i.e. my husband). GPC is just a lovely, non-offensive, great smelling bakery scent! If you're not into bakery, try it! If you're a bakery lover, try it!

The two candles I have pictured here is Victoria's 16oz Cylinder Candle (two wicks) and 23oz Coffee Cup Candle (three wicks in Dark Blue - sorry, the lighting made it look black)

Tart Pops-

Caramelized Pralines- One of my favorites, for sure, especially as a tart! Caramel-y, nutty goodness!

Elvis- Another favorite! A great mixture of banana and peanut butter to create this beautiful bakery scent that is so homey to me!

Scent Shots (some are re-orders, most aren't)-

Pink Bubblegum Crush (reorder)- swedish fish candy says it all!

Fizzy Pop (reorder)- Ginger ale!

Granny's Pie Crust (reorder)- I always have a GPC candle on hand, I cannot get enough of it. But, I got this scent shot specifically to mix with Zucchini Bread to try Granny's Apron. I really don't like Zucchini Bread, and I'm hoping this mixture will make me like it more!

Ringmaster (reorder; free scent shot)- If you like sweet, fruity scents, this one's for you. A great mix of Cotton Candy and Strawberry.

Pink Sands (reorder)- This is a nice blend of light floral, fruity, and sweetness. I think no matter what category of scents is your favorite, you will enjoy this one!

Baby's Whisper- This is a great clean, yet earthy fragrance.

Forget Me Not- Smells exactly like the flower! Very strong green floral!

Tokyo Spring- What a great, beautiful clean/earthy scent. It's sweet, fruity, yet clean. It kind of reminds me of Sweet Angel Dust.

Passion Fruit- Juicy, fruity scent that smells good enough to drink. If you like scents like Victoria's Hawaiian Splash, you will love this!

Go-Go Juice- a CAS (I don't remember who... I'M SORRY!!) of Mango Sorbett & Strawberry Margarita. It's a perfect, equal blend of both scents! So good!

Watermelon and Lime- Yum-o. I tried Victoria's Watermelon scent when I first started shopping with her about 2 years ago, and it wasn't my favorite. But, this is good! If you like fruity scents and you like lime scent (kind of reminds me of Fizzy Pop), you will like this!

Nutella- All I can smell is very, very similar notes to Peanut Butter Cookies. I'm hoping when I melt it, more of the hazelnut will come out.

Sugared Shortbread- What a great bakery. I get a lot of vanilla, cream, and lots and lots of sugar. Smelling a little deeper, I also get a lemon-y scent to it. I don't know why, but I do.

Pink Sugar and Coconut- On cold throw, the perfumey coconut scent is way overpowering the pink sugar. I'm hoping once I melt this, I'll smell more of the pink sugar.

Strawberry Lemonade- The name says it all. This one is so good cold and melting!

Berry Me Alive- On cold throw, right now all I'm getting is black cherry. It's reminding me of sweet, sugary twizzlers. I'm hoping some of the other fruity notes will come out when it's melting.

Bikini Bottoms- Great summer, tropical scent! This scent reminds me of sitting pool side (coconut) with a fruity drink in hand. I really, really love this!

Strawberry Margarita- This is Strawberry Margarita. I swear I even smell salt and tequila!!

Pizelle- I will be reordering this one again and again. It reminds me a lot of GPC. A sweet, bakery that I think EVERYONE will love, regardless if you like bakery scents or not.

Sun and Sand- Very perfumey, floral scent. Identical to the YC version, but better!

Melon Ball- If you like fruity scents, try it! Lots of melon scents and creaminess mixed together makes this scent so yummy! Canteloupe is one of the most predominent scents. It reminds me a lot of Fruit Salad.

Soft Blanket- On cold throw, I get a lot of amber and vanilla. This one is a great, clean, fresh scent!

Springdipity- This one is so nice - berries and various fruits, mixed with florals. If you're afraid of florals, TRY THIS! It will knock your socks off and may bring you to loving light florals.