Friday, April 6, 2012

CBV Round Robin 7 Review

Every few months the wonderful ladies (and gentlemen) of the CBV Pouring Pot message board participate in round robins, swapping scent shots and random other goodies with each other. One person will generously volunteer to start the box (filling it with as many scent shots as they can), and the box goes around to different people. Each person gets a chance to smell all the scent shots in the box, take what they want, and then exchange them with an equal number in return. This is a great way to try scents that you maybe have never tried before, and also share scent shots with other people that you may not be too fond of, but it could become someone else's favorite.

So, this is what I swapped some of my scent shots for.

P.S. I Love You - Exact dupe of BBW P.S. I Love You, but BETTER! When I worked for BBW for about a year, I HATED this scent. Something about it in perfume and lotion form did not sit well with me. But, Victoria's version is great! It's a wonderful mix of the florals, but in a sweet, not overpowering way. I get a lot of rose, amber, and citrus. I think the amber scent in it tones down some of the floral notes. If you're not a floral person, don't be afraid to try this scent, it's good!

Cherry Vanilla - The name says it all. This ones strong on the cherry and light on the vanilla (at least on cold throw). It might change when it is melted.

Buttermint Candies - Yep, smells like the buttermint candies you eat around the holidays. 50/50 blend of butter and mint.

Oatmeal Milk and Honey - LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this one. It is a perfect scent for a baby's room or a bathroom! Smells exactly like a clean, fresh, lotion.

Million Dollar Baby - Smells like pineapple cake to me. I can't wait to melt this one.

Sunshine - Another favorite that I got! The scent description says it's a blend of apricot and sunflower. One of my favorite body splash fragrance from BBW is Apricot Vanilla. They of course, do not make this anymore, but this reminds me of it. It's the same kind of sweet apricot scent, with a hint of floral. What a great spring/summer scent. I already ordered another scent shot in this!

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